Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Tiffani Cheryl Bell and I was born September 17th…haha I could go all the way back and give you a personal history, but for the sake of your time I’ll stick to the highlights. I’ve been sold out for Christ since July 2013, so we’ve been pretty tight for 6 years now.  These past 6 years have been crazy. I released a single and received a masters degree in Theological Studies. 🙂 If you asked me in 2012(the year I graduated from good ole Coppin State University), would I have a Masters in Theology and a single on iTunes I’d think you were crazy. Nevertheless, Here I AM. And trust me, I’m just as surprised as you are so let’s just say we are about to go on a journey together. This blog has been in spirit since 2017 and it’s finally here. Check out the vision, mission, and blog rules so you know where I’m coming from…hope you enjoy! Smooches

S.L.O.W. Vision

I envision a global community of young believers who encourage, inspire, and collaborate with one another on any and everything pertaining to Jesus.

S.L.O.W Mission

Create a safe space for young people to understand worship is a lifestyle.

Blog Guidelines

  1. All are welcome to join the conversation.
  2. All are welcome to learn about worship and what it really means.
  3. The S.L.O.W. blog is a safe place where no question is too dumb and no comment will be looked over.
  4. Vulgar and disrespectful comments/conversation will not be tolerated.
  5. Controversial conversations will not be tolerated. As adults, we can respectfully disagree on any and everything, but there will be no arguments on this blog.


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