Have you ever asked yourself that question, because I know I have and honestly the last time I asked may have been a few months ago. And that’s exactly why I read this book, “Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer” by Dr. Myles Munroe. I was listening to one of his sermons in the car one day, on my way to work, and he was talking about the book.  I decided to try it out to see what insights he could provide on this topic of prayer. Here are my thoughts after reading:

Thoughts please:

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!! First off, I’ve read some faith-based books in the past and they were MADDDD boring. This book is far from boring. It’s very applicable to any and everybody. The best part of the book is the end of each chapter…not because it meant I was almost done, but because each chapter ends with a putting it into practice section. I need practicality in my life. Haha Dr. Munroe summarizes the contents of the chapter and then gives you practical exercises to put in place what you’ve read. Because remember, it’s not enough to read/learn something new, we have to put those lessons into action.

I don’t really read for enjoyment; I read to gain insight for practical application.

Tiffani Bell

Second, this book is so packed with information, I’m going to read it again. But overall here are some of things I learned:

  1. Prayer definitely works; the author answers this question right away in the first chapter of the book.
  2. Apart of the reason why I started doubting the power of prayer is because God didn’t answer the prayer of healing I prayed for my father. So unanswered prayers can sometimes be hindrances to our prayer lives.
  3. Hope and faith are two separate things. When it comes to prayer we must have faith and not hope! Hope can be a hindrance to answered prayer.
  4. Prayer is not an option in the life of the believer, it’s a necessity! It’s our lifeline.

  1. Love love love this blog! Im always looking for good faith based books to read…even if i dont get to reading them for a while. the part that realllyyy made me want to read the book was when you said “Hope and faith are two separate things.” I think alot of times we get the two confused and im sure I do sometimes too. so that part in itself makes me want to pick this up!

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