This is a question that I believe isn’t asked enough because of the connotations behind the word “cool”. We all have different things that come to mind when we hear the word which make for different reactions to the question. However, in this case, I’d like for it to be thought of in a sense of attraction, reverence, excitement and joy.

No really, is God cool?

Is God attractive in a sense that people are attracted to all things having to do with Him? Does He evoke interest, liking or desire within everyone who comes into contact with Him? Does following Him pique the interest of those who don’t follow Him? Does it attract them to Him? Are they lead away from whatever else they are involved with because of this attraction?

Our job as Christians to show that He is cool. We know God is cool, we know this. But we aren’t called to keep it a secret.

Nicholas Fullard

OK seriously, is God cool?

Is God deeply respected by those who follow Him? Those who don’t follow Him? Is being a follower of Christ respected and honored in today’s society? Is the Christian faith revered by your family, your friends, your peers, your country? Does God evoke reverence?

For Real, is God cool?

When you think of God does excitement course through your body? Are you overwhelmed with enthusiasm when you hear or read His word? Are you enthusiastic when you talk about Him or write about Him? Can people see a difference in your emotion from before He is mentioned to after He is mentioned? Is following Him exciting?

Isn’t He cool?!

Does God fill your heart with Joy? Does He bring you happiness? Are you happy following Him no matter the cost or consequence? Is the happiness He brings you noticeable in your life? Does following God make your life joyful?

If we aren’t able to answer these questions with a clear and affirmative yes, what can we say about our faith? A lot of the questions are predicated upon us, how we feel, what we say, how we act, and what we do. A lot of us know how we’re “supposed” to do these things but it shouldn’t have to be forced. Being a follower of Christ and loving God should be the hottest thing out! No lie!

We have a Job to Do!

If the general consensus from the public is no then it’s our job as Christians to show that He is. We know God is cool, we know this. But we aren’t called to keep it a secret. We have to show others He is too. And it should happen in the way we live and how we carry ourselves. Again, it’s not forced.

If we want to reverse the trend of young people leaving the faith or not even entertaining religion at all, we have to find ways to show God is cool. Simple as that.

-Nicholas Fullard

Founder of God Up


  1. GReat read! i love this topic. this is very real, we need to show people that god is cool cause at the end of the day that’s what we do for our family and friends…we siceeee themmmm allll the time…when it comes to god, we quiet as a church mouse lol

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