Quarantine! This word has, in the last few weeks, become synonymous with COVID-19, The Corona Virus, panic, frenzy, bare store shelves, toilet paper shortage, school closures, lock-downs, and impending Martial Law. Because of this  mysterious, invisible, silent killer, much of the world has taken shelter behind closed doors in fear that something outside could very well take their lives. We have been instructed to keep ourselves inside until this all passes over.

As an Hebraic teacher and thought-leader, my perspective is often influenced by Hebrew culture and literature. So, as I experience this mayhem with you, I can’t help but feel like we’ve been here before. Where else have I heard of people huddled behind locked doors in fear of a harbinger of death? Where else have I heard of disobedient souls being wiped out in droves simply by not staying in the ark of safety?

Quick Bible Review:

In Exodus chapter 12 The Eternal One instructs the Children of Israel to prepare for the Passover. He tells them that on the fourteenth day of the first Hebrew month of Nissan (nee-sahn) they were to slaughter blemish-less virgin male lambs, roast these memorial sacrifices, share the food with those in need, smear the drained blood across the lintel and down the doorposts of their homes, AND stay inside until the tenth and final plague had passed over the land.

As per the instructions of The Eternal One, anyone found outside would die because the Angel (lit. Messenger) of Death was sweeping through. But, those who were covered by THE BLOOD (pauses to quicken like a church mutha) would live to see the deliverance of The LORD!

So Today’s Application:

I’m not saying that those who succumb to this treacherous virus deserve to die; nor am I saying that those who survive are of a chosen race. I am, however echoing the sentiment of 1st Samuel 15:22, “…obedience is better than sacrifice…”.

In this time of seclusion and keen awareness I believe we’ve been given the perfect opportunity to breathe, reflect, worship, and listen intently to the audible voice of The Eternal One in our lives.

  1. Set aside an hour everyday to sit in silence (parents, I know this can be difficult). Listen. Listen to the silence. You may find your answer!
  2. Dance! Turn on up-beat music and shake a tail feather. Get those endorphins going.
  3. 3: Color! Give yourself a day of responsibility free entertainment. Grab some crayons and a coloring book, sprawl out on the floor with “Scooby-Doo” humming in the background and have a carefree coloring session. Even if for a moment, this can help destress otherwise stressful days.
  4. Pray! Maybe The Eternal One can finally get us to slow down enough to actually talk to Him. Many of us are addicted to fellowship but don’t know The Father. Take time to talk to Him. I promise He’s listening. He’s been waiting for this moment.

Whatever you do, please be safe and keep the faith.

Shalom v’ahava (Peace and love).

C. P. Griffin

FB: @christopher.p.griffin

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