OMG I cannot believe I started a blog. First off, I can’t believe I have a single out on streaming platforms. Second, I cannot believe I’m getting ready to start a blog. The part of me that says things like, “What’s the point/Nobody Cares” is really what has hindered me from doing a lot of things in the past. For example, Facebook live videos…I used to be terrified, because what could I be talking about that would matter/make a difference in the lives of others. Who Am I?! Anyway, I cannot confirm nor deny if I’m dealing with those thoughts right now, but what I can say with or without self-doubt I trust Him and I trust His guidance. So how’d I get to S.L.O.W.?

The depth of your worship experience is solely dependent upon His worth in your life.

Tiff B.

Purpose Please

On January 6th, 2016 my bishop at the time charged the congregation to pray about our purpose. That night I went home(my parents house at the time 😊) and asked the Lord to reveal to me my purpose. And the response I received from asking such a powerful question blew my mind. He revealed to me my purpose is worship. (I know that seems a bit odd and non-specific because what we’ve all been taught is that we’ve all been created to worship) But He didn’t just leave it at worship He went on to reveal to me that my purpose is to cultivate/lead the true worshipers in this age. Note: He revealed more that I’m not willing to share right now. Haha Also note: I’m the confirmation queen so of course when I got this answer from the Lord, ya girl needed some confirmation.

What’s worse? To live a life without knowing your purpose or to know your purpose and not live it?

Tiff B.

Confirm Please

January 15th, 2016 I get a text message from a mighty woman of God stating she had a dream about me and in the dream I was basically showing someone how to praise and worship. Well she has an uncle who has the gift of interpretation and the interpretation of the dream CONFIRMED EXACTLY what the Lord revealed to me on January 6th, 2016. MIND BLOWWWWWNNNNN. Needless to say, at that moment I kind of was wondering ok what’s next. I’m really not sure what’s worse, to live a life without knowing your purpose or to know your purpose and not live it. So yea, I’ve known for the past 6 years why I’m here on this wonderful planet and it’s been an interesting journey.

Serious Lifestyle of Worship

On May 21st, 2017 at 11:51AM(I know because of my iPhone notes) I wrote this: Living the S.L.O.W life(Blog) Serious Lifestyle of Worship. From previous conversations with the Lord I knew my purpose but was really in the dark about how He would give me an opportunity to walk in it and then the blog idea came. Along with the idea came the concept…serious lifestyle of worship. I knew that the blog would be an outlet for me to carry out my purpose. The blog would be a space where I could teach and discuss the true meaning of worship. See worship is way more than a song or a dance, worship is a lifestyle and God is looking for true worshipers, not just church goers. So you may be asking why now, it’s been 2 years?!

Evidence of the blog that was given. A screenshot with the title of the blog and date the title was given. Living the S.L.O.W. life(Blog)
Serious Lifestyle of Worship

Honestly, the single. The reason why I do music is strictly for ministry purpose, it’s not for the money. Therefore, I believe the music must have a context and the context of my music is the S.L.O.W. blog message. I didn’t realize until it all unfolded that it all ties together; the two go hand and hand. So releasing the single has forced my hand on providing a context for why I do what I do. Yea, so that’s the mini history behind the S.L.O.W. blog. I’m excited for what’s to come and even more excited about the lives that will be changed as a result of this blog! Talk to you guys later.

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