We want what we want when we want it! Maybe THAT should be the motto of the United States instead of “E Pluribus Unum”.

Rabbi c.p. griffin

There are many advantages to living in the west. There are freedoms and privileges we are afforded that many other people in this world could only dream of. Arguably, freedom of speech and the press are at the top of the list. There are also many technological advances that grant us access to information and resources otherwise intangible. Even with all of its deplorable history and legislation, much of which directly affects me as a descendant of enslaved Africans, I can admit that my residence and citizenship in America has given me advantages that many people who look like me in this world do not have. But, I must also share that with such strides in science and technology comes a sub-culture of sorts; Microwave Culture.

Microwave Culture/Society:

Microwave Culture/Society (def.: The mindset of wanting [and nearly getting] everything “RIGHT NOW”) has severely damaged the moral and spiritual compass of the western world. The days of patiently waiting for a service to be provided or a  task to be complete are nearly extinct. We used to reheat food on stove tops or in ovens before microwaves and fast-food chains made dining easier. Even more, we now have the privilege of lounging in the comfort of our homes while someone else fetches whatever food we desire; with the push of a button and limited human interaction we can be transported to Thailand or Peru and have the nerve to become impatient with the person who’s driving their vehicle to do our bidding for tips and delivery fees.

Houston…this MIGHT be our PROBLEM:

We want what we want when we want it! Maybe THAT should be the motto of the United States instead of “E Pluribus Unum”. Alas, Microwave Culture doesn’t stop at our stomachs. We carry the same mentality into our relationships. Oh yes! We meet people who check off the immediate items on our mate selection list and begin planning a future and picking out nursery colors before we know if they graduated from high school. Then, the moment this new “The One” says or does something out of the character we assigned them, we’re back to writing subliminal posts on social media about “waiting for my Boaz” or “believing God for my Proverbs 31 woman”. This behaviour, unfortunately, doesn’t stop with our romantic relationships. Too often we bring the same microwave mentality into our relationship with God!

But, that’s NOT how it Works:

You heard the Lord say what He would do for you. He gave you the vision but the provision has been stalled. He’s given you dreams and ideas for the business, the house, the marriage, the family, the life you believe He has ordained for you. So, you get excited. You begin decorating the spaces and dressing the bridesmaids. You price the suite at the resort. You pick out countertops and flooring. You are geeked; and then… NOTHING! No money, no calls, no prospects, no word; just silence from God and man. We’ve all been there. Putting the cart before the horse does more damage to our egos than it does to our bank accounts. What, then, are we to do when “soon” isn’t soon enough?

So what’s the solution:

As cliché as it may sound… WAIT! I know! I know! It’s hard. Even with my experience in ministry and life, I still have moments of impatience and frustration with the God of my salvation. On one hand I know Him to be a waymaker; on the other hand I get pissed when the way hasn’t been made in MY time. I know Him to be a problem solver; but when the solution isn’t what I expected, I get a little (a lot) upset. But, I’m reminded often that He knows best. How could I, a sin-sick lump of walking dust, dare to know better for myself than He who made me and wrote my story before the world was formed? How arrogant of me! If He did it before, He can do it again!

Let’s Conclude:

Beloved, in these tough times of social distancing and civil unrest, let’s not permit ourselves to become distant from the will of God in our lives. Even when His will seems incomprehensible, trust that His way is best. Even when He is silent, His silence may be the saving grace you need. Don’t move on silence. Don’t take silence as a “yes” thinking that because you didn’t hear “no” it must alright. Only the audible voice of God is equipt to direct our paths.

Meditate on this:

“What shall I do

What step should I take

What move should I make

Oh Lord, what shall I do

I’m going to wait

For an answer from You

I have nothing to lose

Oh Lord, I’m going to wait” – Tramaine Hawkins

…or as my momma would say, “He may not come when you want Him, but  He’s always on time”.

Shalom v’ahava (Peace and love).

C. P. Griffin

FB: @christopher.p.griffin

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